Help for the new tours system

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Navigate to and you'll see all the tours that can be flown in our division.

Point the mouse on the tour that interests you, and click on the icon that appears at the middle to see all details. You can also quickly track the overall progress of all the tours you started.


Once you click on the "report a leg" button, you get redirected to the following form:

Here are the different fields you have to fill:

  • LEG: the leg number for which you want to send the report
  • START FLIGHT: the date and time (in UTC/ZULU) you started the leg
  • END FLIGHT: the date and time (in UTC/ZULU) you ended your leg
  • WINDS ALOFT: the average wind you faced during your flight, and that might have influenced your actual flight duration. 20HW stands for an average of 20kt of headwind component (wind coming in front and reducing your ground speed), while 40TW is 40kt of average tail wind (pushing you and increasing your ground speed
  • CALLSIGN: the EXACT callsign you used for your flight. It is important as your flight will be checked according to that callsign.
  • ATC CONTACTED: write down the list of ATC positions you contacted during your flight (e.g. EBBU_W_CTR, LFFF_CTR, LFPG_APP).
  • REMARKS: please state here any information that might be useful for the validator (connection problems, any trouble during your flight...).

Then click on "report leg". Now our validators will check it as soon as possible, although it can take one or two days.

REMARK: if the tour requires legs to be flown in the predefined order, you can only report one leg at a time. This does NOT prevent you from flying the next legs, but you will have to report them later, as soon as the previous leg is validated. This obviously doesn't apply to tours with random order.


When you click on the button to learn more about a precise leg, you get the following information about the leg:

  • Link the the useful documents or info about the leg
  • Link to the useful charts (for example the AIP)
  • Any other necessary information or remark concerning the leg

We hope you will appreciate our new system!

Should you have any question, feel free to contact the web team (XB-WM & WB-AWM)!



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