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September 2017 Division NOTAM


Stay in Touch!

VFR fly in

Civil/Military VFR between EBBE and EBUL


new members


Our division has been growing the last few months.  Since our perfomance at Skywonder we already registered over 75 new members!  

First of all welcome to all of you. Feel free to let us know on what level  we can help you . Trainings, software, anything else which might make your membership worth staying.



IVAO has a big learning curve, and we notice people are still moving their own bounderies.

27/07 Jean Brixhe - SPP
28/08 Tim Vancauwenbergh - PP
29/08 Aderik Verraest - ADC

Congratulations to all, you all succeeded your exam and passed on to the next level.


division tours


Our EC (Eddy) puts his heart and soul in the tours you can take.  It gives a different dimension to your membership and you can get the various division awards for flying them.

With the new division awards, new tours will be available very soon!  If you see some wrong route suggestions, contact our FOC.


  Division Tours →



Runway change eblg


The magnetic North changes every year just a little bit.  After a while, the actual heading of the RWY and the RWY designator are not within the same limits anymore.  Due to this change, the RWY designators at EBLG have been changed with the new AIRAC.  They are now 22L/04R and 22R/04L.


social media


Did you know about the existing of our social media pages?  All events, trainings and things that are good to know about the division are being  posted there.

You can like our Facebookpage and/or our Twitterpage if you want to be up to date with the latest news about the BeLux Division.  You will be redirected when you click the links at the top of this document.

You can also find a lot of information on the division forum.  Don't be afraid to check it on this link.


SO staff


In July Audric Dumont decided to leave his staff position as SOAC.  We would like to thank Audric for his devotion during the short period he was a staff member. Audric decided to continue his work as a Demoteam member, so you will definitely see him somewhere during our PDE's.

Since the SO team is fast growing with motivated members, the SO staff will be reinforced by Mehdi Meunier as SOAC and Tim Vancauwenbergh as SOA1.  Both are at the same level but have other internal tasks to complete. 



Special Operations 


Over the past weeks, the BeSOG has tested for a long time a new system in order to make formation flights in a smoother way than with the traditional IVAP system. More info on special ops website.

If you want to join them, click  the link below.





Currently some postions are still open and waiting for you!

Having a big mind for websites and everything around that?  Apply for AWM as division staff member!
We are also looking for a support trainer who knows the FIR to support on GCA check outs.  

upcoming events

Bart and Seppe are at full speed to offer you the best possible events.
Several events are already waiting for you:

17/09: Joint Civil / Military VFR fly-in  
17/10: The Baltic flight (*)
24/10: Brussels Airlines RJ100 farewell (*)
05/11: Regional RFE (never seen before in our division!)

Keep an eye on the event calendar for more challenging events!
And of course every Tuesday we have our online evening between 1700Z and 2000Z


(*) Event names might still change as they come closer.




IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.