[STAFF] BeLux Region Training Advisor - NL/FR

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Dear XB Members

IVAO BeLux is looking for 2 new Training Advisors, in particular a Dutch and French speaking Advisor (2 positions). This to address the Dutch/French speaking members during their training as it is most of the time easier to understand and explain something in your mother language.

Job Description:

Training Advisors assist TC/TAC in the daily routine of Training Responsibilities. TA's can only conduct training sessions/exams up to the pilot/ATC rating the TA is holding.

  • Assist the TC and TAC by giving training as requested by them; 
  • Performing live training sessions with members;
  • Assist in writing training material or translating it;
  • Evaluate exams.


The candidate must fulfill the following basic requirements:

    - Be, before the end of the submission of candidatures period, at least 18 years old (an ID prove could be requested in case of doubt);
    - Be a member of IVAO for at least 6 months before the end of the submission of candidatures period.
    - Have a minimum rating of Aerodrome Controller or Private Pilot. 


General Expectations from Advisors

- Have a knowledge of the organisation, its functioning and structure;
- Enthusiastic and willing to make a positive impact to the Belgium Training Department and IVAO;
- Have a fluent capability for speaking and writing in English and Dutch/French. Having knowledge of the other official Belgian languages can be an asset.

Applications can be send to [email]xb-hq@ivao.aero[/email].
Submission of applications is opened till November 1st 2017 initially.


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