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Summer 2017 Division NOTAM


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PDE Moorsele

IVAO BeLux at Moorsele Fly In


Staff Changes


Since our last NOTAM in March we had quite a few staff changes.  

New staff:
Bart Debusscher: EAC
Seppe Bosmans: EA1
Audric Dumont: SOAC

Position switch:
David Flement: ADIR and PRC



ivac2 beta release


Terminal 2 Solutions has released Ivac2 as public beta.  Currently training department will not organise any official training sessions on Ivac2 until the software is stated official.  When you connect to Ivac2 we suggest you to take a lower position to get used to all new functions in the program.  An official support page on the forum has been created for all your issues, and  Jessy Stas has been working on a FIR manual.


PDE at Moorsele


In the weekend 1-2 July 2017 we will be at Moorsele aeroclub to perform a PDE.  Unfortunately this will be the only PDE where we officially have a stand, so come and visit us this weekend!  Of course a PDE without traffic is hardly worth speaking off, so we also need you virtually in the air on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July (at EBBR of course).

 more info →





Last year we had our first Mega Slot Event, which was a great success!  

On this event you get free choice for everything, accept the slot you booked.  Fly in/out EBBR with any kind of plane you like and book your slot right now for Tuesday 4 July!

Go to the MSE booking site!


training department


While we have noted an increase of ATC training request for this year, we would like to remain trainees to actively connect on their own on the position they wish to train prior to ask for training. In fact, the trainer will give you an in depth feedback on your performance throughout the training session. However, these sessions shall be used to get rid of bad habits and apply appropriate regulation that might sometimes be unknown or wrongly applied. We are not able to make you an ADC/APC or ACC controller without experience and it will be a lack of time for the trainer but also you if you just control for training session. For that reason, we encourage you to connect and make your own experience and then get back to us once you control on a regular basis (at least an hour per week). We thank you for your cooperation.




You need a goal for your flight?  Take a look at our website for the division tours. 

A large variation of different tours are provided by our Event Department.  VFR, IFR, Heli, Special Operations,...  Everybody can find something there.

Report your flights in the MODA system and get the awards for the Tours


Discover our new "police & medical tour"! Fly police and medical helicopters in Belgium with very nice realistic missions (mission sceneries provided), save lifes and get a SO Tour Award!


Special Operations 


The "Belux Special Operations Group" (BeSOG) is welcoming new registrations !
Want to know what special operations are about? Want to discover F-16, police helicopters or Marchetti? Come and join us at Beauvechain (EBBE) on 13/07. We will show your our operations and you will get the opportunity to make your first flight for special operations together with our BeSOG members!
More info soon on


Staff Vacancies


We opened up the position of Assistant Webmaster (AWM) to support Yannick in his duties.  Take a quick look and apply if you are interested to join our team.


All open staff positions can be found on our website, you may still check out the vacancies and/or send a mail to


upcoming events


Our event department, together with Special Operations, have been very busy. In order to go give your flights as much excitement as needed, these events can be expected during the summer months:

13/07: Discover BeSOG at EBBE (Special Operations)
20/07: Tomorrowland Fly-In at EBBR
21/07: National Holiday Airshow (Special Operations)
01/08: Bergerac - Charleroi Airbridge

Keep an eye on the event calendar for more challenging events!




IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.