Joint Military + Civil VFR fly-in

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Beauvechain-Ursel 17th September 2017

Category D HQ-SOD approved event for military participants (clearance 30XB170917)


IVAO Belux Region is happy to invite you to its first joint event between events department and special operations department. Military and civil pilots will have the opportunity to share a VFR flight between two air bases: Beauvechain and Ursel.


Two possibilities

  • Fly as a civil plane
  • Fly as a military plane

Civil pilots

  • Fly from any airfield to Beauvechain EBBE to land there before 1245Z
  • At 1300z, after a briefing, all pilots depart from EBBE to EBUL with the same route
  • After arrival at EBUL, you are free to fly back to your original airfield

Military pilots

  • Connect at Beauvechain EBBE at the latest at 1245Z
  • At 1300z, after a briefing, all pilots depart from EBBE to EBUL with the same route
  • After arrival at EBUL, military pilots will fly together back to EBBE.


Entry and exit of EBBE via a single entry/exit point, south-east of the field, as show on the chart.

Chart courtesy of Belgocontrol / for flight simulation use only

See routing instructions further down

Chart is a screenshot from Skyvector / for flight simulation use only

Left hand circuit for both runways, at 1200ft AMSL

Chart is an edited screenshot from Google Maps / for flight simulation use only


Flight plan route


Flight log

Waypoint Distance Magnetic track Time at 100kt GS
Exit Point 6nm 158° 3'36
Eghezée 6nm 191° 3'36
Gembloux 4nm 252° 2'24
Overboelaere 34nm 289° 20'24
MAK NDB 19nm 311° 11'24
EBUL 11nm 357° 6'36

Airspace restrictions

  • Caution not to enter again EBBE airspace after departure
  • Caution for EBCI CTR after GEMBLOUX
  • EBCI TMA above Gembloux starting at 2000ft, either fly below or contact EBCI_TWR (or EBBR_DEP/APP) for airspace crossing
  • EBBR TMA between GEMBLOUX and OVERBOELAERE starts at 1500ft. Remain below or contact EBBR_DEP/APP for crossing


  • Only light aircrafts (MTOW < 5,7t) allowed
  • Pilot must be on the ground at EBBE BEFORE 1300Z for the briefing
  • Pilots are asked to follow carefully ATC and staff instructions
  • When in contact with ATC or FIC, pilots are requested to report all waypoints
  • Pilots flying as "civil" will get event points if they fly first to EBBE, then from EBBE to EBUL, on time
  • Pilots flying as "military" will get SO points if they fly from EBBE to EBUL, then back to EBBE, on time

Current registrations


Registration is not mandatory but recommended.

Name VID Military/Civil
Eddy Ruythooren 354131 Military
Pedro Santos 352375 Military
Aderik Verraest 489586 Military
Fida Perkasa 495358 Military
Taha Sulayman 492745 Military
Matteo Villa 173855 Military
George Anopov 173473 Civil
Johann Baloghy 516159 Military
Yannick Ghislain 541930 Military
Nelson Neves 151613 Military
Inde Deepak 524489 Civil


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