Tactical flight

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Tactical operations are an important part of military operations. In Belgium, tactical operations are split between two “Wings” : the 2W Tac Florennes and the 10W Tac Kleine-Brogel. Both are equipped with F-16A and F-16B aircrafts.

These fighter aircrafts handle a lot of different missions, among which :

  • Air police (reacting against aircrafts infringing restricted airspaces, for example)
  • Interception of unresponsive aircrafts (QRA / Scramble)
  • Combative actions (air-to-air and air-to-ground actions)


It is important to note that no combative actions will be simulated on IVAO Belux. It is a golden rule for IVAO not to import real-life conflicts into the network.

Due to the fact tactical operations are very sensible, they are subject to many restrictions.

No OAT (operational air traffic) is allowed for F-16 by pilots who are not members of the BeSOG (Belux Special Operations Group), except with prior written permission from XB-SOC (rule 1.3 – SO directive). This means you can fly an F-16 following the civil rules.

See callsigns and aircrafts for these operations


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