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Special operations tours

General SO tour 2017

A tour including several parts of special operations: transport, helicopter, fighter,...

Charts No scenery file for this tour MODA system for details and leg reports

Take off from EBFN base, land next to DD NDB to rescue an injured person. wait 3minutes on ground Take off and fly to ONO, next land to the NDB where the hospital is and wait 3minutes on ground. Then fly back to EBFN.// SeaKing or NH90 preferably. Any other helicopter accepted. VFR

There is an airshow in Ursel, pick your helicopter and give the people a good show by making 5 minutes of overflying overhead the field.// Seaking or NH90 preferably. Any other helicopter accepted./VFR

Take off from Ursel for a VFR training flight to Beauvechain, with low pass in EBGB // Marchetti preferably. Any SEP accepted C172 or equivalent // VFR

Fly an Agusta A109 helicopter to EBCI with a full circuit then landing // A109 preferably. Any other helicopter accepted. VFR

Bring back a F16 from maintenance to EBBL airbase.// F-16 preferably. Any equivalent fighter jet accepted.// VFR

Take off from EBBL, overfly EBDT at FL140 for paradrop, then head to Melsbroek.// C130 preferably, other large aircraft able to drop tolerated.// VFR

The king is willing to visit the student pilots at Cazaux.// Falcon 900. Any other light jet accepted. IFR

An AlphaJet needs to come back to EBBE. Bring it safely.// AlphaJet. Any fighter is accepted. VFR/IFR

Bring some troops over the old EBST field for some ground exercises. Remain on the ground for 3 minutes then take off to EBBR.// A109/C130/SC7. Any other helicopter/C130/SC7 accepted. VFR

You are heading a part of the Government to Rome for a state visit.// A321. A320 family is accepted, 737 tolerated.// IFR

Belgium and Luxembourg cooperate for a cargo delivery from Rome to ELLX. // C130. Any large turboprop tolerated. IFR

Take off from ELLX with your C130 or SC7 and drop Skydivers above EBFN at FL145, then descend towards EBFN to end the tour. VFR

Police/Medical Tour 2017

A tour mainly based on police helicopters and planes and rescue helicopters, with very nice missions and scenery package.

Charts Scenery package for FSX & P3D MODA system for details and leg reports

Police Mission: Departure from Melsbroek to Antwerpen, you have to meet the local police crews near the R10 highway at Berchem. The Federal police are in pursuit of a black BMW. The vehicle is considered dangerous (keep your distance). Help the ground crews intercepting him. Then come back to Melsbroek. Helicopter MD900 G-11. Approximate time for the pursuit: 30min (excluding flights inbound and outbound the area).

Medical mission: Depart from EBMS Bra-sur-Lienne and fly to the industrial zoning of Sprimont. A worker slipped from a scaffolding. Transport him to the CHU Sart-Tilman in Liège (EBLS). Return to EBMS. Helicopter EC 145 OO-NHB.

Police mission: Departure from Melsbroek. The mission here is to take pictures of the TOTAL petrol refinery at Feluy (south-west of Brussels) for a SEVESO folder (emergency plan for dangerous industries). Do some pass over the site (minimum 10 minutes on the area) then go back to Melsbroek. Cessna C-182 G-04

Medical mission: Departure from EBSJ (AZ Sint Jan) for an organ transport. You have to go to UZ Gent Hospital (EBGT) to take the heart and the kidney for a 13-year-old kid. Then fly bound to Charleroi to bring the organs to the CHU André Vésale at Montigny-Le-Tilleul (EBMT). Return back to EBSJ. Helicopter AS355 OO-HSN

Police mission: Departure from Melsbroek to Charleroi. A hold up has just taken place at the Bunch Gordon Restaurant of Jumet. The crews of the Charleroi police zone have lost contact with the suspects about Jumet Houbois suburbs. You find the target on the N5 motorway near Lodelinsart (direction of choice). Minimum time for pursuit: 15min. Go back to Melsbroek. Helicopter MD902 G-16

Medical mission: Departure from EBMS (Bra-Sur-Liene). There was a crash on the E411 highway near Courrière (junction between E411 and N4). Lots of cars involved. One driver has the spar of his car planted in the abdomen, he must be transported to the CHU Erasme hospital in Brussels (EBUB) as soon as possible. Then back to EBMS. Helicopter EC-145 OO-NHB

Police Mission: Departure from Melsbroek to Turnhout (near Antwerpen). A person aged 75 is missing since yesterday. He has a strong Alzheimer’s symptom and requires help. You have to go to Sint-Lucia Psychiatric Hospital where the missing person was living, and land in the meadow just nearby to load 2 colleagues of the local police who know perfectly the surroundings. A chart of the searching will be provided to you with the description of the missed person. When you find the person, if possible land near for first aid. Ambulances will reach the zone, then you fly back to Melsbroek. Helicopter MD900 G-12. No timing restriction.

Medical mission: Departure from EBMS Bra-sur-Lienne. A car accident occurred on the N86 road near the fitness club of Rochefort (you may land on the fitness center). The victim is seriously burnt and must be transported quickly to the IMTR Burn Hospital of Loverval (EBGE). Then back to EBMS. Helicopter EC 145 OO-NHB

Police mission: Departure from Melsbroek for a patrol flight over the areas of Mons, Charleroi and Namur. The objectives are: reply to the help calls of the colleagues on the ground, car pursuit, searching of a target,… Mission theme is up to you. Minimum 1 hour flight total. Then back to base. Helicopter MD900 G-10

Medical mission: Departure from EBSJ. Go to De Panne, a 9 year old child drowned and is in a critical condition. Transport him to EBYP (RZ Jan Yperman Hospital). Return to EBSJ. Helicopter AS355 OO-HSN

Police mission: Departure from Melsbroek. This evening, Standard of Liège is playing VS Anderlecht. A strengthened surveillance system has been put in place. Police helicopter is needed to watch the arrival of the players and supporters of Liège. You must take care of them on the E40 highway from Tirlemont until they are at the stadium (follow Brussels ring to the north then west, and remain at a speed of maximum 60kt GS during the escort). Continue to observe a surveillance above the stadium and the surroundings for at least 15 minutes, then back to Melsbroek. Helicopter MD902 G-16

Medical mission: Departure from Koksijde Air Base (EBFN). A boat is cruising across the North sea. One of the passengers having is showing signs of apparent heart problems. Time is precious for his life, you have to airlift him and then transport him to the hospital Sint-Lucas at Brugge (EBSS). Then return to base. Helicopter Mk48 Seaking

Military 15th Wing Transport Tour

Bring cargo, troops or even State executives to various parts of Europe!

  • Flights must be flown totally online and at the 1X simulation rate
  • Aircrafts may be replaced by an equivalent type (equivalent in size and performance), but the ORIGINAL aircraft must be set in the flight plan
  • No OAT outside Belgium and Luxembourg
  • EBMB is the ICAO code of Brussels National EBBR airport. Please set EBMB in the flight plan but use EBBR for charts and FMC setting.

Charts No scenery file for this tour MODA system for details and leg reports

Bring some cargo to our Dutch colleagues and come back to Melsbroek Air Base. Aircraft must be a turboprop cargo airplane like the C130.

The Federal and Regional governments are travelling to Spain for an economic mission. Bring those VIP to Madrid Torrejon Air Base and come back. A321 or equivalent medium passenger jet.

Our Federal Minister for Agriculture and his regional counterparts are visiting the World Dairy Summit at Belfast. Bring them and come back. ERJ135 or any equivalent small regional jet.

Our troops are attending an international exercise at Brize Norton in order to train on air base protection. Bring the troops and materials aboard a C130 (or an equivalent turboprop aircraft) and come back.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel is invited by Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa. Bring him safely at Lisbon and come back. Falcon 900 or any equivalent business jet.

Our Minister for Foreign Affairs is attending the Prague European Summit with his delegation. Fly them to Prague airport and come back. ERJ145 or any equivalent small regional jet.

Deliver some precious military materials to the French Air Force by flying to Evreux Air Base. C130 or any equivalent turboprop cargo plane.

Belgian authorities, together with Luxembourgish authorities, are attending the ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the Rome treaties. Bring them to Rome Ciampino airport and come back. A321 or equivalent medium jet.

Our Federal Minister for Health must attend the eHealth Summit in Bern, Switzerland. Bring her to the airport and fly back to Melsbroek. ERJ135 or any equivalent small regional jet.

Belgium and Luxembourg want to coordinately promote their know-how towards Greece. Make sure they reach their destination and come back to Melsbroek. A321 or any similar medium jet.


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