NATO Summit Event

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IVAO Belux Region - Special Operations department is happy to invite you to the

NATO Summit Event

which will take place on 23rd and 25th May 2017 at Brussels.

NATO Summit Event

End of May this year, all 28 Head of States and Governments of NATO member countries will meet at the NATO Headquarters in Haren, only 5km away from Brussels National airport.

IVAO Belux S.O. department is happy to welcome them all with an official HQ-SOD approved event. Here is how it goes:

  • 23rd May : all government aircrafts arrive at Brussels National airport between 1700z and 2100z
  • 25th May : aircrafts leave Brussels National airport between 1700z and 2100z
  • Flights must be booked, exactly like for a Real Flight Event
  • Any IVAO member is free to join, as long as he respects the instructions of the briefing document
  • As any CAT A approved event, pilots will get 2 points for the Jet Fighter Award

Rules & regulations

  • Flights must be booked, and booked flights must be flown. If you can't, please notify XB-SOC and XB-SOAC as soon as possible in order to make the flight available for other pilots.
  • You can fly as many flights as you want, but be aware that you have to depart/arrive during operational times (1700z-2100z).
  • Only flights found in the list are considered as part of the event. You must fly them with the given callsign, and the given aircraft or another similar aircraft. In case of different aircraft, we ask you to put the original ICAO code in the flight plan, so that other pilots see the recommended aircraft.
  • In order to get 2 points for the Jet Fighter Award, you need to fly at least 2 category A flights or 1 category B flight.
  • You are requested to download all charts and read NOTAMs before flying.
  • State and military aircrafts will arrive to and depart from military apron (Melsbroek airport, ICAO code EBMB), to the north of threshold runway 25R. Private jets will proceed to/from Abelag Executive Terminal, south of 07L (Brussels airport, ICAO code EBBR).
  • If any problem arises, please contact immediately XB-SOC and/or XB-SOAC.


Access the booking system and participate!

Click here for charts of Brussels National EBBR (official AIP)

Wishing to see you there!

Lt-Gen Jonatan Geeurickx (XB-SOC)
Maj-Gen Audric Dumont (XB-SOAC)
Cpt Mehdi Meunier (Division support team)
Lt Aderik Verraest (Division support team)
S-Lt Guillaume Delbeuck (Division support team)


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