Military ATC

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On IVAO, military ATC is handled the following way :

  • Belga Radar (129.325 – EBSZ_CTR) is the military area control center (Semmerzake ATCC). It covers the whole Belux FIR for military traffic, as well as military airports where no local controller is online. It can only be opened when Brussels Control (EBBU_W_CTR) is online. If Brussels Information (EBBU_FSS) is not online, Belga Radar provides flight information service to uncontrolled civil aircrafts as well. All military aircrafts flying as OAT should coordinate with Belga Radar, who is in permanent contact with civil ATC. Belga Radar is also responsible for activation of military areas. 
  • Military aerodrome control : major BAF air bases have local controllers, like any civil airport. They are responsible for their CTR and/or TMA.

Military ATC procedures depend mostly on the type of flight. In real life, military operations are coordinated from the CRC centre in Glons. On IVAO everything is coordinated by Belga Radar. That means Belga Radar will handle the ATC service as well as the operational part of the mission, except if otherwise decided by the SO department.



Callsign Name Frequency Remarks
EBSZ_MIL_CTR Belga Radar 129.325 ADC + XB-SOC approval required / EBBU ACC must be online !
EBBE_APP Beauvechain Approach 122.825  
EBBE_TWR Beauvechain Tower 130.725  
EBBE_GND Beauvechain Ground 121.850 Not to be opened normally
EBCV_TWR Chièvres Tower 122.100 APP/DEP handled by EBBR_APP/DEP
EBFS_APP Florennes Approach 124.375  
EBFS_PAR_APP Florennes PAR 123.300 Not allowed without permission
EBFS_TWR Florennes Tower 125.875  
EBFS_GND Florennes Ground 122.100 Not to be opened normally
EBBL_APP Kleine-Brogel Approach 122.500  
EBBL_PAR_APP Kleine-Brogel PAR 123.300 Not allowed without permission
EBBL_TWR Kleine-Brogel Tower 134.100  
EBBL_GND Kleine-Brogel Ground 122.100 Not to be opened normally
EBFN_APP Koksijde Approach 122.500 Not to be used normally
EBFN_PAR_APP Koksijde PAR 123.300 Not allowed without permission
EBFN_TWR Koksijde Tower 122.100  
EBFN_GND Koksijde Ground 122.100 Not to be used (handled by TWR)
EBDT_FSS Schaffen Radio 118.925 INFO only / Not allowed without permission
EBUL_FSS Ursel Radio 135.125 INFO only / Not allowed without permission
EBWE_FSS Weelde Radio 119.600 INFO only / Not allowed without permission


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