Formation flying with JoinFS & Hamachi

Formation flying with JoinFS & Hamachi


Over the past weeks, the BeSOG has tested for a long time a new system in order to make formation flights in a smoother way than with the traditional IVAP system. For this purpose we have decided to use two different software:

  • Hamachi, providing pilots with a peer-to-peer connection (faster and smoother)
  • JoinFS, creating a multiplayer environment between FSX and P3D users

After doing tests with several kinds of aircrafts, including Siai Marchetti SF260, Agusta A109 helicopter, A321 and F-16, we have reached a very good level of satisfaction. Moreover, this solution allows pilots to join another aircraft and share the controls with their mate!

Among the top features of such solutions:

  • Smooth movements, no delay, no shaking effect
  • Real aircrafts displaying (not a MTL but the actual plane the pilot is using
  • All moving parts are reproduced: flaps, ailerons, gear, canopy, doors...
  • Possibility to join your mate's aircraft
  • Possibility to share commands with your copilot (flight controls, engine controls and/or other controls)

This feature will be very interesting for us, especially for training (shared cockpit) and demo flights (Marchetti patrol, F-16 display...)

We have purchased a 32-slots Hamachi network for all BeSOG members. Interested? Join the BeSOG right now and enjoy flying with us!


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