Cargo Exchange Event

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IVAO Belux Special Operations and BeSOG invite you to their

Cargo Exchange Event

at Brussels Melsbroek Air Base on 31st August 2017


Belgium has always been a very important partner for International cooperation and exchange. As a founder of the European Union, with Brussels as European capital city, home of many International organisations like the NATO headquarters, the SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe, military HQ of the NATO), the European Commission and many others, Belgium is a major exchange place on a worldwide basis.

Although with 11 million inhabitants Belgium doesn’t hold the biggest defence of Europe, it participates in many International missions where several Belgian military specialities are very valuable.

To symbolize the very International mind of Belgium, we would like to invite you to a military cargo fly-in/fly-out on 31st August. The goal is to bring cargo stuff from foreign countries to Brussels Melsbroek air base, and then leave back to the original country with Belgian cargo.


Date is 31st August 2017. Arrivals at Brussels are expected from 1700z. After landing, aircrafts are supposed to remain on the ground for 30 to 90 minutes for cargo unloading/loading (at pilot’s discretion) but are supposed to leave back Brussels at 2030z maximum.

Melsbroek Air Base (ICAO code EBMB) is the military part of Brussels Airport (EBBR). They obviously share the same runways, so all charts can be found under the EBBR part of the AIP. Military apron is located north-east of the field, just north of threshold 25R & 19.

Arrivals and departures are handled by Brussels ATC. Upon approval by XB staff, a military ops frequency will be staffed as well to coordinate operations on the ground.


Pilots are supposed to use military cargo aircrafts. We recommend that they use real life aircrafts, departing from real life locations, with realistic callsigns. For convenience, tactical callsigns may not be used and pilots are kindly asked to use the international callsign of their “air force”.

There are various sceneries available for Brussels Airport, including one from Aerosoft (FSX, partly compatible with P3D) and a few freeware ones. It is important to check that you have a rather current version of the scenery since some stuff like ILS frequencies and even runway designators changed over the past years.


Since this event is an officially HQ-SOD approved event, pilots who will participate will get 2 points for the "Jet Fighter Award". Condition: successfully landing at, then departing from Brussels Melsbroek Air Base.


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