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Firewall Exercise: precious cargo transportation across hostile environment

This event took place a few weeks ago in Belgium, and was imagined and organized by Lt-Col Tim Vancauwenbergh, Belux Special Operations Advisor.

The exercise was meant to bring precious goods towards a secured area, but having to cross hostile areas. It was designed in two phases:

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Six new tours for special operations!

With the new year, the SO department decided to launch SIX new tours instead of the three previous ones! Discover an amazing way of flying across various activities!

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19 Oct

Solo display test with AlphaJet

These few days of good weather were a good opportunity to make a few additional tests for aerobatics with Marchetti and AlphaJet.

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BeSOG using JoinFS & Hamachi for amazing formation flights

Over the past weeks, the BeSOG has tested for a long time a new system in order to make formation flights in a smoother way than with the traditional IVAP system. For this purpose we have decided to use two different software:

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