IVAO BeLux Region

The Flight Simulator Club '27th Squadron' is a real-time club (civil and military aviation) with monthly meetings where we give a helping hand to beginners in this complex hobby.

We also organize briefings, courses and make realistic flights together in LAN. One of the activities is our VA to promote online-flying in the IVAO network among the members of the Flight Simulator Club '27th Squadron' and this with a well-known Wildcat-callsign ...

Learn more about our organization, please visit our club website '27Sqn.be'.

AEOLUS Alliance was established in 2013 by Hellenic Airways and TNT Virtual to offer a nice environment where virtual airline staff can come together and support each other within a nice and friendly community. Our main focus lies on IVAO events, codesharing agreements and support.

Air Wallonie is a french Belgian virtual company.
We have over 1000 flights in our timetable.
We have also a system of free flights and about 2 events every month.

As a VA, we are projecting BIAS in today's world. From our home base at EBOS, we offer passenger as well as cargo flights to the entire world. We cover the European continent as well as the Americas, Africa and Asia.You fly when you want and where you want. We leave the departure and destination up to our crews. For those that want to fly in a more structered way, we offer a database with extensive flight plans to choose from. We offer the most modern equipment for you to fly, pay ware (if you have it in your personal inventory) as well as matching free ware. This will be an ongoing process, based upon the recommendation of our staff. These decisions will be made collectively. At Biasva you will find a friendly warm welcome by a group of Flight Sim pilots that enjoy our hobby to the max. Some of us, real life pilots, will dig back into their memories to relive real life flying experiences.We fly for fun with as much realism as possible.

The Brussels Airlines Virtual, based on the Brussels Airlines, the sucessor of Sabena. Our timetable will be all the flights BA is operating (mostly Europe and Africa), We’ll try to be as realistic as possible, and therefore we cut out the way of PIREPing, you don’t have to worry about it, our logger does it for you! Did I tell you that we have official permission from the Brussels Airlines?

Dutchfly VA, founded in 2007, a active Group of pilots flying with MS FlightSimulator 2004- FSX –  X-Plane and Perpar3D , preferably online with the IVAO network. We have a fleet of modern aircraft, painted in our colors, own tours, a two monthly newsletter and full automatic logging system when flying online. A helpful staff for all members and a lot of fun with our group flights or events. Expansion is coming with official permission from TUI with the launch of ARKE Fly VA witch coming under the wings of Dutchfly VA with own website.
www.dutchflyva.nl or www.arkeflyva.nl

TNT Virtual is a new Virtual Airline based on its real life Cargo counterpart based at Liege Airport, Belgium and operating in the VATSIM & IVAO networks using MSFS2004/X and X-Plane.Here at TNT, the emphasis is on providing a flexible and educating environment where members can develop their aviation skills and enjoy the simulation experience in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Our fleet, although small when compared to larger Cargo companies, does  offer you the opportunity of flying various types of aircraft and our company routes are those used by TNT in real life. We also provide Cargo charter services worldwide and organise regular events to challenging and interesting destinations.