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Dear members,

We are finalizing the contest weeks with 1 more week.  You might have noticed our new website that came online last week.  In order to help you explore it, we combine the new contest with your last chance to win some of those nice tickets to Skywonder.  Tickets are valid on 1 of the fair days and you can only win once in this category.  Every day we have 2 tickets for the first answer coming in my mailbox.


Yannick, one of our new staff members as WebMaster, will hide 1 ticket every day somewhere on the website.  This really could be anywhere along the new site.  This will happen every day at to clock of 1900Z.  When you click the ticket, a form will open up where you can fill out all your personal stuff in order for us to know who has sent the form.  Of course we will use your personal stuff only for this contest and will NEVER spread it to anybody else than those who are taking care of this contest.

This will be the ticket you will be looking for, but of course it will be much smaller on the website ;)

This part of the contest is open for everybody, so not only IVAO members can join, but also people who are not a member.
First day of the contest Monday 13 March 2017 1900Z, closure of the contest is Saturday 18th March 2017 at 1100Z.
The closing of day 1 will be at noon of day 2, closing of day 2 will be noon day 3, and so on.

Good luck on exploring the new website, and good luck on finding the tickets!


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