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October 2017 Division NOTAM


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The Baltic Flight


Brussels flight simulators


Our partner is organising a very nice event in October.

Do you like challenges? Do you think you can fly a B-737 NG using only conventional navigation (VOR, NDB, ILS) in real “live” weather conditions and compete to be the best in the sky?

Then this NAVIGATION CHALLENGE is for you: build up your crew, select 1 of the 12 flights and play this great immersive (serious) game!

  • DATES : Sat 21 & Sun 22 October 2017 (check the time slots of the flights)
  • CHALLENGE : fly a chosen hop in command of their Boeing 737-800 NG
  • FIRST PRIZE : A 2-hour session for 2 PILOTS (value : € 296,00) !


IVAO has a big learning curve, and we notice people are still moving their own boundaries.
12/09 David Flement - APC
03/10 Mehdi Meunier - ADC

Congratulations to all, you all succeeded your exam and passed on to the next level.

Jean Brixhe is having his ADC exam on 12/10, so VFR and IFR traffic is appreciated from 1730Z!

Don't hesitate to climb the ladder and request your exam today!


Belgocontrol pde - Debriefing


For the third year in a row we have been invited to Belgocontrol's "Openbedrijvendag", a day where the public is allowed to visit Canac 2 and Brussels Tower. 

Once again this year's edition has been an enormous success with lots of interested people, which resulted in 17 new members.  Special thanks also to our demoteam who provided an excellent service on site.

If you know anybody among your friends who would like to get more information about IVAO, don't hesitate to contact us xb-prc@ivao.aero.


online evening


Don't forget we are having our online evening every Tuesday.  We try to cover EBBR as much as possible.  

Each time some flights real life flights are promoted by our EAC to make it more attractive for you. By flying one of these flights you can earn 1 point for the event award.

Also we try to take the most of the exams during this online evening.


ATC group facebook


We have decided to create a Facebook group where all ATC members are welcome.  It's a group where we can discuss everything about IVAO's ATC and where we coordinate the staffing of positions.  If you want to join us in that group, don't hesitate to click the button below.


New ebbu_egtt LOA


Some frequencies have been changed for EGTT (London FIR).  You can find all details in the new LOA which is published on the Procedures page.




special operations events

  • 12/10 : "Operation Seagull", search and rescue exercise
  • 19/10 : Free online evening
  • 26/10 : "Operation Firewall" training (cargo protection)

We currently have 3 SO tours on the schedule.  The latest has just been released and promotes 15th Wing at EBMB (Military Transport)

Want to join the SpecOps?  Click the button below.


Staff changes


Niels Desmet has left his position as TA3.  We wish to thank Niels for all his hard work for the division and wish him the best of luck in his professional career.

A new application will come online in the upcoming days on the website/forum.  If you are interested, click the link below!



Upcoming events (*)


In our previous NOTAM we announced an upcoming RFE.  Due to some organisational reasons we are urged to postpone
this event to a date "to be decided".  Meanwhile we are looking forward to some other nice upcoming events:


  • 17/10: The Baltic flight: ENTL-EBOS
  • 24/10: Avro RJ100 farewell: more info to come this week (click the banner for more wonderful photo's of Wim Peeters)
  • 21/11: Regional airbridge EBAW-EGLC (more info in November NOTAM)

*Banners, titles and dates of the events can change, only events of the current month are fixed.




IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.