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November 2017 Division NOTAM


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Cargo Airbridge ELLX <=> LIMC


avro farewell


On 24 October we had a very nice tribute event for the last flight of the AVRO RJ100 in the Brussels Airlines fleet.  

During this event one of our members, Mathias Van Eynde, flew as BEL1RJ and drew a silhouette of the RJ100.  

AVRO gif



There were no successful exams during October.
If you feel ready for the challenge, don't hesitate to request your exam today and climb up the ladder!

fs weekend lelystad


Every year in the first weekend of November, the walhalla of all flightsimmers is coming down to the Netherlands.  This year the exhibition dates are 4 and 5 November.

The latest innovations for your flightsim, the newest improvements for cockpitbuilders are all shown at this fair.  If you never visited it before, schedule it this time!


online evening


Don't forget we are having our online evening every Tuesday.  We try to cover EBBR as much as possible.  

Each time some real life flights are promoted by our EAC to make it more attractive for you. By flying one of these flights you can earn 1 point for the event award.

Also we try to take the most of the exams during this online evening.


new social media


Since a few weeks we are experimenting with some new social media.

As you might have seen, we have created a Discord channel and a Twitch channel.  Discord will be evaluated and used for ATC coordination, Twitch will be used to stream big events such as PDE's and RFE's.

If you want to join the Discord channel, provide us with your VID so we can set your roles in the group.


rnav ebkt


In the upcoming days there will be a new quickview document for EBKT (Kortrijk).

From November Belgocontol will assure aeronautical services at EBKT, so the airport can improve its activities by reinstalling instrumental procedures.

First one to come is the new RNAV procedure which will become operational with the November AIRAC






Our EC prepared some now tours for you.  You can expect following new tours in November:

  • BEL Winter tour 
  • VFR Cross Country
  • Snowy Tour

BEL and VFR Cross Country will be online on 01/11, Snowy tour comes on 15/01.  Check the tour pages for more details 




Staff changes


Seppe Bosmans has decided to leave his position as EA1 due to not having enough time available at the moment.  

In name of the division we thank him for the dedicated work and wish him all teh best for the future.

Check our website for all available staff positions



Upcoming events (*)


We are looking forward to some other nice upcoming events:


  • 6/11: Cargo Bridge ELLX-LIMC
  • 21/11: Antwerp <> London City Challenge
  • 9/12: IVAO Crowded Skies
  • 19/12: Cargo Ops @ EBLG (date to be confirmed)

*Banners, titles and dates of the events can change, only events of the current month are fixed.





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