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Banner picture by Lodewijk Delaere, more work available on his Flickr page!


Parking brake on, engine start levers cutoff, shutdown checklist, deboarding, walkaround, flightdeck preparation, boarding, IFR clearance,…

Turning around an aircraft can be challenging at times. There is always one certainty though: a good preparation is an absolute key factor in order to have a smooth outcome. Try it yourself, the BeLux division invites you to its first turnaround challenge event!



Event date: Saturday 24 March 2018
Time frame: 1800z - 2100z
Division: BeLux Region
Airport: EBBR - Brussels

You are kindly requested to put RMK/TURNAROUND CHALLENGE in field 18 of your flightplan if you want to participate to this event. Please plan your arrival and departure in Brussels between 18z and 21z in order to enjoy a full ATC service. Your Actual In-Block Time (AIBT) and Actual Off-Block Time (AOBT) will be logged. Based on these values your turnaround time in Brussels will be calculated.

At the start of your turnaround you will receive a URL leading to three practical questions concerning Brussels Airport (EBBR). You are to answer these with the help of the EBBR AIP, which can be found in the Belgian eAIP (Part 3 > AD 2 > EBBR). Please make sure to carefully check the layout of this document in advance, you risk losing valuable time if you don’t.

Below you can find the most accurate sceneries available at the moment:

In order for the challenge to succeed, you need to answer all three questions correctly and your turnaround time cannot exceed 30 minutes. Completed flights arriving or departing in Brussels within the time frame of the event can be rewarded with one point for the BeLux Pilot Event Award. Additionally one point can be earned if you succeed in the challenge. In order to receive the points, please report your flights here.

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Please head over to the BeLux ATC Request Page to consult the required ATC positions. For most positions you will need to apply (deadline 19 March). If necessary the 'first come first served' principle will be applied.

BeLux ATC sessions can be reported here in order to receive one point for the ATC Event Award.

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In case you have any questions or remarks, feel free to contact xb-ec@ivao.aero.

The BeLux division staff wishes you a great experience!



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