PDE - IVAO at Aviationday - fly in/out EBBR

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What will we do?

On a yearly base, the Flemish government organizes "Aviation Day".  
On this day, all important players in aviation get the occasion to promote themselves 
and to make people warm to choose a job within aviation.  Not only
airlines, but ATC facilities and high schools for technical jobs open up their venue.
Vives Oostende is one of the high schools in Belgium that offer 
a training in aviation technology,  and they invited us to show 
what we can mean inside their educational program.
All positions will be staffed at our PDE, unless requested during the PDE via mail
1 hour in advance to opening the position (XB-EAC at ivao.aero)

When is it done?

Aviation Day is organized on 22nd April in Ostend, Kortrijk, Antwerp and Brussels. 
However, to perform a good PDE we will take all traffic in EBBR (Brussels National).  
Our services at Aviation Day will start at 0800Z (opening doors) until 1600Z (end of the event). 
All ATC positions will close at that time!
The higher the traffic load we get, the better we can explain people 
the importance of IVAO as training partner for students in real life, 
that is why your traffic is so important to us!

What do we expect from you?

All charts are to be found at Belgocontrol, AD2, EBBR, AD2.24 EBBR charts related to EBBR. 
 It is mandatory for pilots to have the airport charts on board
More information about the procedures is to be found on our FIR site


FSX: Aerosoft (payware)
FSX: Freeware
XP10/11: Freeware
More scenery details are to be found on our "procedures page" (at the bottom)
Extra scenery is not mandatory, but easier to follow instructions on the ground.

What's in it for you?

This week we have 2 events where we need some traffic. 
In and out on 1 event gets you 2 points for the Event Award. (1 point/flight)
If you fly on both events in and out (so a total of 4 flights), you will get 5 points (1 point extra!)
However, every single flight must be reported via THIS form only.
You will receive a mail once your form is processed
with your current number of points in the system


IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.



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