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We propose you a very short and easy flight, taking about one hour, during the Online Evening of our divisions. Choose any aircraft you like and enjoy full ATC coverage on this airbridge in both directions between the airports of Geneva (LSGG) and Brussels (EBBR). ATC services will be provided at both airports and might be expected enroute during the whole event as well!



Event date: Tuesday 17 April 2018
Time frame: 1700z - 2000z
Divisions: BeLux, Switzerland
Airports: Brussels (EBBR), Geneva (LSGG)

All pilots are kindly requested to:
  • Make sure you have valid AIRACs!
  • Be prepared - have access to charts.
  • Note the SID altitude restrictions and STAR speed restrictions.
  • Be prepared - you may be asked to enter holds, fly headings and speeds.
  • Remember - Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.


  • LSGG-EBBR [F200-F300, even, LSGG RWY 05 in use]: ARBOS UL47 IXILU UN853 DIK UY37 BATTY
  • LSGG-EBBR [F200-F300, even, LSGG RWY 23 in use]: DIPIR UV25 ARBOS UL47 IXILU UN853 DIK UY37 BATTY
  • EBBR-LSGG [F210-F310, odd]: ROUSY UT27 GTQ UN852 MOROK UZ24 AKITO






ATC Belgium:

ATC positions are free to be booked according to the Facility Rating Assignments. All required positions are annouced on the BeLux ATC Request Page.


ATC Switzerland:

If you want to book a position in Switzerland, please send an email with your disponibilities to




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XB Awards:
CH Awards:

In case you have any questions or remarks, feel free to contact and/or

The BeLux and Switzerland division staff wishes you a great experience!



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