Brussels Mega Slot Event 2017

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BeLux Region organises its second Mega Slot Event, taking place at Brussels Airport! During the summer season, life can get pretty busy on the tarmac. In order to get a smooth traffic flow, departure and arrival times have to be coordinated with air traffic control. Joining this event might give you an idea how this looks like from an operational point of view.


Event date: Tuesday 4 July 2017

Time: 1600z - 2000z

Division: BeLux Region

Airport: EBBR


Arrival and departure slots can be booked here. Choose your origin or destination, select an aircraft and enjoy your flight with a fully operational ATC service at Brussels Airport!

In order to avoid confusion, make sure to check the latest procedures and charts as available in the official AIP.

Every flight arriving at or departing from Brussels in the time frame of the event can be rewarded with one point for the BeLux Pilot Event Award. Report your flight here.


Controllers are requested to send their applications to The ATC Operations Department will keep you updated about the schedule, which for this event will overrule any EBBR bookings made in the default ATC scheduling system.

ATC sessions can be reported here in order to receive one point for the BeLux ATC Event Award.


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact

The BeLux Region staff wishes you a great experience and is looking forward to see you there!



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