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Every week we suggest some airports to fly to/from. These are real life flights during the day, but do not need to be flown within their real life timeframe. Every week we try to put a theme around these flights. Exams, other events, ordinary things that happen,... Every reason is a good one to make a flight out of it!

​Below you can find our suggested flights for the Online Evening on Tuesday 14 November 2017. The real ATC callsign is provided, but feel free to take a different one. When flying one of these, you can receive one point for the BeLux Pilot Event Award! Flights can be reported here. Mention the flight number of your selected flight in the comment section of your report. The points are only rewarded if the arrival or departure in Brussels is within the time frame of the Online Evening.

Flight Nr. ORGN DEST ATC Callsign
FR200 EKCH EBCI RYR47WJ (callsign 'RYANAIR')
SN3714 LEBB EBBR BEL3714 (callsign 'BEELINE')
EK182 EBBR OMDB UAE182 (callsign 'EMIRATES')
RO374 EBBR LROP ROT374Y (callsign 'TAROM')
EW8103 EDDT EBBR EWG8103 (callsign 'EUROWINGS')
FR3222 EGCC EBCI RYR9ST (callsign 'RYANAIR')



From 1830z there will be an ADC exam. Local IFR and VFR traffic is more than welcome! These flights can be reported on the usual link in order to receive one point for the BeLux Pilot Event Award.

See you on Tuesday!


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