Antwerp <> London City Challenge

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Antwerp and London are two important European business cities. The fastest way to travel between these is by air. Therefore the connection is quite popular with business people as well as with tourists. As a pilot you will be tasked to do one or two flights, depending on your availability. If you are looking for short but rewarding flights, make sure to get your flying skills on point and don't hesitate to take the challenge!



Event date: Tuesday 21 November 2017

Time frame: 1900z - 2200z

Divisions: BeLux Region, United Kingdom & Ireland MCD

Airports: EBAW, EGLC



Due to the limited amount of parking space available on both airports participation to this event is to be announced by using our BOOKING FORM. It is working on a first-come-first-served principle. Depending on the traffic situation unannounced flights might not receive startup clearance or might have to divert to an airport in the vicinity.

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with your flight details and pilot briefings. In order to avoid confusion, make sure to check the latest procedures and charts. You will do yourself, other pilots and controllers a big favor.

Below you can find the most accurate sceneries available at the moment:

Completed flights within the time frame of the event can be rewarded with one point for the BeLux Pilot Event Award. If you are interested, please report your flight here.



ATC positions are free to be booked according to the FRA's. All required positions are announced on the ATC Request Page.

BeLux ATC sessions can be reported here in order to receive one point for the ATC Event Award.



Should you have any questions, feel free to contact or

We wish you a great experience!



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