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Staff Vacancies


IVAO BeLux is constantly looking for people to reinforce their Staff Team. Pick a position below to find out more. We are also open to spontaneous soliciations. Just send a mail to XB-HQ with your solicitation and CV and we'll get back to you!

The Staff of IVAO BeLux Region is proud to introduce to you, the BeLux Support Team. The BeLux Support team is a group of people that are helping out the staff members. This includes creating Events, Banners, and Documentation, Helping out new members or anything else that might be a positive addition to our division. Our goal is to be able to work more member oriented by having the members themselves help out and be part of our team. A support team member is not an official staff member, and thus does not need the required ratings, age, and experience. This can also be a good first step if you want to join the staff but aren't sure if it is something for you.

What do I have to do ?

As a support team member you will be helping out the different departments assisting them with the skills and knowledge you have, this can be real experience, design skills, documentation, member communication, unique event ideas. You will be part of our internal communication network, be able to propose ideas or become a full staff member.

What skills do I need ?

Anyone who can be an addition to the skill set of our team is welcome to apply. To give an overview of some of the skills that might be an asset are:

  • Using a text editor (Like Word/Pages/Open Office);
  • Using spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Spreadsheet, Numbers);
  • (Basic) English required. Dutch, French or German are a plus;
  • Using graphic design software (Like Photoshop).
  • ...

What do I get ?

You will not get official IvAo badge, however if the work you do is creative, or has positive impact on the division, there are badges for member support, creativity, documentation or division spirit that we are able to award to those who deserve it. You will also be added to the list of support members on our website and you will be credited for your work.

How do I apply ?

To apply send us an email at, give us a description of why you want to help us, what your skills are and how you think you could be of use for our Division. For some branches references to your recent work may be a plus.


As a member of the Belgian Division Support Team you should show exemplary behaviour on the network and against other members. If there are complaint about your behaviour we are compelled to remove you from the Team. We also expect that you follow the IVAO Member Rules and Regulations. Not following these may result in a removal from the Team

Apply Now

IVAO Belux Region is currently seeking for a Flight Operations Assistant Coordinator.

The FOAC assists the FOC in the daily routine of the Flight Operations Department:

  • Updating the Route Database;
  • Assist the Belgian Events Department in creating correct routings for Events and Tours;
  • Setting Pilot training/exam standards in conjunction with the Training Department;
  • Creating SOPs for Pilots.
  • The candidate must fulfil the following basic requirements:
    • Be, before the end of the submission of candidatures period, at least 16 years old (an ID prove could be requested in case of doubt);
    • Be a member of IVAO for at least 6 months before the end of the submission of candidatures period;
    • Have a clean suspension history for at least 1 year
    • Have a minimum rating of Aerodrome Controller or Private Pilot;
    • Have a knowledge of the organisation, its functioning and structure;
    • Enthusiastic and willing to make a positive impact to the Belgium Flight Operations Department and IVAO;
    • Have a fluent capability for speaking and writing in English. Having knowledge of the other official Belux languages can be an asset.

    Please send your application with a detailed motivation letter to Recruitment is open until 15th June 2018.





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