Division Staff

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Division Headquarters

Denis Toussaint
David Flement
Assistant Director

ATC Operations

Yentl Vervoort
ATC Operations Coordinator
Mattias Spiessens
ATC Operations Assistant Coordinator

Filght Operations

Andre Brands
Flight Operations Coordinator
Niels Desmet
Flight Operations Assistant Coordinator

Special Operations

Jonatan Geeurickx
Special Operations Coordinator
Audric Dumont
Special Operations Assistant Coordinator

Training Department

Jeremy Renard
Training Coordinator
Denis Toussaint
Training Assistant Coordinator
Mattias Spiessens
Training Advisor 1
Yentl Vervoort
Training Advisor 2
Niels Desmet
Training Advisor 3


Jeremy Renard
Membership Coordinator

Event Department

Eddy van der Weij
Event Coordinator
Bart Debusscher
Event Assistant Coordinator
Seppe Bosmans
Division Event Advisor 1

FIR Chiefs

Jacques Mariens
FIR Chief
Filip Jonckers
FIR Assistant Chief


Yannick Van Styvendael

Public Relations

David Flement
Public Relations Coordinator

Division Support Team

Mehdi Meunier
Division Support Team
Aderik Verraest
Division Support Team
Guillaume Delbeuck
Division Support Team
Jean Brixhe
Division Support Team


IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.



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