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  • XB-DIV looking for an Event Assistant Coordinator

    Dear XB Members

    IVAO BeLux is looking for a new Event Assistant Coordinator.


    More info here

  • Skywonder - Website contest

    Dear members,

    We are finalizing the contest weeks with 1 more week.  You might have noticed our new website that came online last week.  In order to help you explore it, we combine the new contest with your last chance to win some of those nice tickets to Skywonder.  Tickets are valid on 1 of the fair days and you can only win once in this category.  Every day we have 2 tickets for the first answer coming in my mailbox.


    Yannick, one of our new staff members as WebMaster, will hide 1 ticket every day somewhere on the website.  This really could be anywhere along the new site.  This will happen every day at to clock of 1900Z.  When you click the ticket, a form will open up where you can fill out all your personal stuff in order for us to know who has sent the form.  Of course we will use your personal stuff only for this contest and will NEVER spread it to anybody else than those who are taking care of this contest.

    This will be the ticket you will be looking for, but of course it will be much smaller on the website ;)

    This part of the contest is open for everybody, so not only IVAO members can join, but also people who are not a member.
    First day of the contest Monday 13 March 2017 1900Z, closure of the contest is Saturday 18th March 2017 at 1100Z.
    The closing of day 1 will be at noon of day 2, closing of day 2 will be noon day 3, and so on.

    Good luck on exploring the new website, and good luck on finding the tickets!

  • NOTAM 1703



    IVAO BeLux Region


    March 2017 Division NOTAM


    Stay in Touch!


    IVAO BeLux at Skywonder


    Staff Changes


    First of all let’s get started with the staff of the XB Region Division as a lot has changed in the past weeks.

    Jessy Stas and Ken Andries have decided to leave their staff positions. We thank them for the work they did for the division. Denis Toussaint is now Director of the Division. Two new members have joined the team. Yannick van Styvendael joined us as Webmaster and is doing an outstanding job on our new website (more info further below in the NOTAM). The second new staff member is Jonatan Geeurickx who has just been appointed as Special Operations Coordinator. A position he already occupied a few years ago. We hope these changes are going to bring some new and fresh air to the division.


    New website


    Thanks to Yannick, our new Webmaster, the division is glad to present its new website which is full of new features. Within the next weeks, Yannick is going to keep working really hard to be able to provide us with some incredible tools/features. We will obviously keep you posted. In the meantime, check out our new website!


    Brussels RFE - Debriefing


    On the 26th of February, we organized the Brussels RFE 2017 which took place in Zaventem where Brussels Flight Simulators is having a really nice Boeing 737NG Simulator. This is the first event we organized together but it’s obviously not going to be the last one! We are currently working hard on our partnership and we will try to provide you with some great events/opportunities. Also, some pictures of the RFE are going to be posted on our website, check them out!




    As some of you may have heard, Skywonder is having its first edition in Expo Kortrijk in the weekend from 25-26th March.

    IVAO BeLux was able to get a stand in the Simulator Zone, we have a fly-in/out for people at home, and a warm welcome for all visitors at Kortrijk.  Don't forget that we will be changing to summertime in that weekend.  Hope to see you all in the air!

    Also, we are going to organize some quizz/contest on our social medias to make you win some free tickets so make sure to check them regularly!


    News from our ATC Department


    Our ATC Operations department has worked on new tools for our ATCO’s. In fact, as we are currently still waiting for IVAC2 to get released. We are pleased to provide us with a new and updated sectorfile. This sector file will also be up to date in regard with the new RNAV (GNSS) Procedures Also, a new color scheme is now also available, as well as a new quickview for Brussels Control which regroups all the needed information for each airport in the FIR, in a single document.


    New RNAV Procedures


    Some airports in Belgium now have new RNAV (GNSS) Procedures. They are effective with AIRAC 1703. Be sure to check the changes!


    If you have troubles understanding these new procedures you may contact our Training Department and they will be glad to help you out!


    Special Operations restarting!


    The "Belux Special Operations Group" (BeSOG) is welcoming new registrations !
    If you are interested in any kind of special operations, you may apply for the BeSOG. Once your application gets approved, you will get a basic "ab-initio" training, mostly covering the procedures and rules applicable to special operations.
    After that, you will choose one or several categories : tactical flight, air transport, light aviation and/or military ATC.
    In each category, a specialized training will be provided. After the training, you will be appointed to a Squadron.
    Everybody may apply to the BeSOG.
    It is not mandatory to be part of it in order to fly special operations, but some operations are restricted to recognized SOG (see HQ Rules & regs).

    Interested? Check the link below!


    Staff Vacancies


    We are still looking for a Public Relations Coordinator. This consists in organizing/manage our real life public demonstration. 


    Also, if you are interested in being part of the staff but don't know for which position to apply, you may still check out the vacancies and/or send a mail to


    IVAO BeLux Support Team


    IVAO is constantly running on the hard work of volunteers, as is our beloved division. These volunteers most of the time have a Staff title. Now with this staff title comes responsibility. But we also have some people helping us behind the scenes, they are called the "IVAO BeLux Support Team". They are of great value to our division and their input and ideas are greatly appreciated. One of the advantages of the support team is that you have no responsibility like a Staff member, you help where and how you can within your area of expertise, if you don’t have time drop us quick message, no need perform daily/weekly staff duties..
    The Support Team is also a good place to start in case you would like to become Staff at one point but are afraid or unsure in the beginning. So it is ideal to get familiar with the workings of IVAO and our division.

  • Skywonder - Screenshot contest

    From tomorrow on a new contest is running on our forum.
    Check it out, and don't be affraid to participate!

    You can find more information about the contest on this link

    Good luck flyers!

  • More information for the contests

    As from today we will start our promotional campaign for Skywonder
    which includes us to give away some (a lot actually) free entrance tickets.

    You can find more details on our forum.

    The first contest will be held on Facebook


    Good luck, and see you soon!

  • Contests for Skywonder

    Skywonder in Kortrijk is approaching very fast now!  Only 1 more month to go and we're there.


    In order to promote our presence there, we start having some contests on our social media starting
    on Monday 27th February 2017.  All social media will be affected, such as Facebook, the website and
    of course our forum.  If you don't follow us on one of the media, get quickly to it because there will
    be a possibility to win prices!


    Like us on Facebook, check out or forum, follow the website but most of all, SPREAD THE WORD!!!

  • New Tours !

    Several new tours have been added in function of a VA.
    Pick a call sign according to the airline,
    report your flight in MODA and enjoy the new tours!


    Compagnie logo

    IVAO BeLux Region

    Real Flight Event - February 2017 NOTAM

    Stay in Touch!



    Brussels Real Flight Event

    Info & Flight Booking →

    Brussels Flight Simulators

    On Saturday and Sunday 25 & 26th of February. IVAO BeLux will be in Zaventem at Brussels Flight Simulators. For two entire days, Brussels Flight Simulators will open its doors & its Boeing 737NG cockpit to flying passionnates from all over Belgium & beyond. In the meantime, IVAO BeLux will open ATC positions so you can fly the 737 Flight Simulator with virtual ATC service.

    Read more →

    Interested in flying the 737ng sim?

    On both days, Brussels Flight Simulators will open their 737NG Simulator for half price! This simulator is very realistic and well equipped. If you've always wanted to fly an airliner, join us on the 25 & 26th and give it a try! The simulator will be connected to IVAO during the flights and you will be able to simulate real communications in flight.

    Pricing →

    Interested in doing atc for the rfe?

    On Sunday our members will gather in one of Brussels Flight Simulators' room with all their computers and provide ATC Service for the Real Flight Event. If you would like to join us please click on the link below to register.
    ATC Participation →

    You are not on IVAO but you would like to come and observe?

    You are not registered on IVAO yet but you would like to join us and have a look at how the flights will be controlled and how the simulator works? Feel free to join us at Brussels Flight Simulators.


    The BeLux Staff Team.


IVAO stands for "International Virtual Aviation Organisation". We offer a dedicated, independant, free of charge service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the worldwide flight simulation community.



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