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  • [REAL LIFE] Belgocontrol

    Our friends at Belgocontrol are still looking for Air Traffic Controller trainees for the airports of Liege and Charleroi.  
    If you are looking for a unique challenge in your job, this might be your oportunity.  
    Apply for this fantastic job until 22nd April via the dedicated website.



  • [STAFF] Changes in division staff (update 12/04)

    As from today there are some changes in the XB staff.

    1. Division HQ
      Denis Toussaint as decided to stop as XB-DIR due to heavy workload in private life.
      We like to thank Denis for all his hard work in the division and wish him the best of
      luck in his job as pilot.
      Until further notice David Flement (XB-ADIR) will take over the tasks in the division.
    2. SO department
      ​Mehdi Meunier will take control over the department as SOC.
      Tim Vancauwenbergh is switching to SOAC and will manage the BeSOG-team.
      They will be assisted by Jonatan Geeurickx as their SOA1.
      Above this we would like to thank the entire team for their work and bringing it to the level where it's currently at.
    3. Events department
      Roan Wera is reinforcing the team as EAC.  Together with Bart Debusscher (EC) he will be responsible for creating
      events on a monthly base on EBBR and on the local aerodromes.

    From division HQ, we wish them all the very best in their new positions!

  • BeLux VFR Event - Survey Results

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    BeLux VFR Event - Survey Results!

    Dear IVAO member,

    Thanks a lot if you participated to our VFR survey that was released a couple of weeks ago! The responses were analysed and it seems several people are interested in participating to a VFR event in our division. Therefore it is now confirmed that such an event will take place in the afternoon of Thursday 10 May 2018 (Ascencion Day).

    We will be organising a bidirectional VFR airbridge between Grimbergen and Kortrijk. Scenery wise these are the best covered airfield and airport in the top three. With all the applicable Flight Information Services online you will be able to experience what VFR cross-country flying in Belgium is all about. The full event announcement will follow soon, as well as a dedicated pilot briefing, covering all you need to know before participating to this event.

    Responsive image


    In the survey there was an option to request additional information regarding VFR flying on the IVAO network. If you did, you should have received this additional documentation by now. If you didn't you can still download the document here.

    Should you have any questions or remarks, don't hesitate to contact In the meantime, make sure to save the date and keep a look on our website, forum, Facebook page or Discord server for further details!


  • [NOTAM] April 2018


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    IVAO BeLux Region


    April 2018 Division NOTAM


    Stay in Touch!

    VFR fly in

    Brussels - Geneva Airbridge




    Our latest RFE was hosted at Brussels Flight Simulators and may be concluded as a big success.


    RFE STATS (civil side only)


    • Available flights:    298
    • Booked flights:   204 (68%)
    • Participating pilots: 148
    • OPS room (ATC+QRA):   16​

    ​Brussels Flight Simulators is offering a discount to all IVAO members who book a session at their facility. Check it out!




    On Tuesday 17 April an airbridge between Brussels and Geneva is planned. More details will be available soon on the XB website, the XB forum and the XB facebookpage.

    The event will take place in the time frame of our weekly Online Evening, giving you the chance to do both flights! ATC service along the complete route can be expected!


    division tours


    Simon Piep and Otto Vandroogenbroeck recently joined our Division Support Team.  

    To check their competences, they created this very nice ULM tour which comes with the new ULM award for pilots who completed the tour.

    Have fun flying!


    atc ops


    Some new ATC documents have become available since our last NOTAM.

    • Quickview EBKT

    You can find them all on our divisional procedure page.




    The team is currently processing a lot of training requests at the same time.  We would like to remiind you to subscribe with the training form and describe as much as possible your needs for training to get your training as personal as possible.

    Have a look at our forum, website or Facebook to know when the next sessions will take place. Last but not least, feel free to open up a discussion on the forum should you have something not clear into your mind or drop us an email if you’re too shy!




    The number of new members is a bit below average this month, nonetheless we’re glad to see you on board. Feel free to read our tutorials onto the website and get started to experience what IVAO has to offer to you.

    If you ever registered, we encourage you to contact the membership coordinator so you will get your old account reactivated. Do not try to make a new one as it will likely get deleted. 


    New atc position


    The military operations from Semmerzake have merged into CANAC at Belgocontrol.  To coordinate the military ground activity at Melsbroek (EBMB) we have created a new ATC position in IVAC2 as EBMB_GND (callsign: Melsbroek Operartions).

    This position will only take care of military activity on the ground level and is available on frequency 131,875 MHz.


    pde's 2018


    In very short time we will start our PDE season again.  As always we are trying to perform on different events in real life and we are trying a new concept this year (more info later).

    Confirmed dates:

    The schedules are not fixed, more PDE's are possible to come as the season continues.



    We are still looking for some motivated colleagues!
    • Event Assistant Coordinator (EAC)
      As an EAC you work together with the Event Coordinator to organise at least 1 event from the local Aerodromes (EBKT/EBLG/EBOS/EBCI/EBAW/ELLX).  You give pilots a purpose to fly every day/night by creating the divisional tours.
    • Training Advisor NL (TA)
      As TA you coordinate trainings together with the training department and report to the Training (Assistant) Coordinator.  For this position we are currently looking for a native Dutch speaking trainer, or perfect bilingual with strong knowledge of ATC.​



  • What is your opinion on VFR flying? Please fill in our survey!

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    BeLux VFR Event - Survey

    Dear IVAO member,

    First of all thanks a lot for taking your time to visit this page. The BeLux Event Department is considering to organise a large scale VFR event, but before making a final decision we would like to know your opinion. Please click one of the buttons below to fill our survey, it only takes two minutes to complete.

    Thanks in advance!

    Feel free to share this page with other IVAO members. The more people who fill this survey, the better we get an idea of our member's opinions.





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    IVAO BeLux Region


    BRUSSELS RFE 2018 Division NOTAM


    Stay in Touch!


    pilots info


    The booking system giving you access to the flight schedule of Sunday 18 February.

    Certain flights in the booking system will be flown on the Brussels Flight Simulators Boeing 737NG flight simulator. This full scale replica from the real flight deck will give you the possibility to experience your flight ‘as real as it gets’! Search for the flights attached to the BFS logo if you want to find out about the details. 

    The booking system will become fully active in the night of 31/01 to 01/02.


    Controllers info


    The ATC schedule for this event is managed by the BeLux ATC Operations Department. If you are interested, head over to the ATC request rage and apply for a position! The participating controllers will be rewarded with two points for the BeLux ATC Event Award.  The schedule will be sent by mail a couple of days before the RFE.

    For organisational reason, all ATC will be provided live from Brussels Flight Simulators' facility.










    This is a Public Demonstration Event organised in cooperation with Brussels Flight Simulators. The event will be hosted from the company’s facility in Zaventem, Belgium. Visitors are welcome to take a look, contact information is available on their website!


    saturday 17/02

    • Workshop IVAO:

      Phraseology and simsession with
      IVAO trainers (NL/FR/EN).  You pay for the simsession, NOT for the trainer!

    • Boeing 737 IVAO flight tour:

      B738NG simsession at special
      prices for IVAO members

    • Cessna 172 simulator:

      VFR flight with the C172 sim
      at special prices


    There will be assistance from IVAO trainers, however there is no online event on this day! 
    All flights are to be flown at BFS in the simulator. 

     Bookings Saturday →

    sunday 18/02



    • IVAO's Brussels RFE:

      Between 11Z and 20Z, IVAO is having its RFE at Brussels Flight Simulators in Zaventem, very close to the airport.

    • Boeing 737 IVAO tour:

      Finalising the IVAO tour and local IFR flights during the RFE at special IVAO prices

    • Cessna 172 & LSS:

      VFR flights with the C172 sim or Light Simulator Station at special IVAO prices

    The flights you book here are all flights live at BFS, online flights are to be booked under "pilots info"



    Founded in the fall of 2014 by Pierre Van Walleghem, Brussels Flight Simulators is a company
    dedicated to flight simulation and located nearby Brussels Airport.

    With our Boeing 737NG simulator, we provide the public with a new amazing tool, for the first time in Brussels.

    For pilots and students, aviation lovers, beginners, entreprises or people with the fear of flying,
    our environment can be adapted to all kinds of demands.

    Passion for aviation, love of technology, computer mind, wind feeling and a lot of self-education:

    these are the basic ingredients that made Pierre Van Walleghem succeed in this new project.
    So get ready to take off with us from runway 11 at the airport of the third millennium!
    Brussels Flight Simulators opens its doors to passionates & outsiders for the second time!
    In partnership with IVAO BeLux Region, the belgian division of the most-popular flight simulator network in the world!


  • [NOTAM] January 2018


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    IVAO BeLux Region


    January 2018 Division NOTAM


    Stay in Touch!




    Ivac2 is excellent software, but sometimes we hear the call for displaying the callsigns in the context menu.  We have no authority to program the callsigns ourselves, but we do have an excellent tool, thanks to Jean Brixhe, to help you with them



    changes in phraseology


    The general phraseology document has been adjusted according to the decision that was made by HQ Training Department.  You can directly download the PDF file that was created by Jessy Stas and adjusted by Yentl (XB-AOC) via this link 


    New awards


    It's been going on for a while, but since a few weeks we have new awards in the division!  Some of them come with the new tours that will be released on 1st of January, such as the division sailing tour award, and others will be given on reaching an achievement like the division online day award (25 participations for online evening)

     Division awards →



    group sessions


    2017 was a very successful year for the XB division.  We had a lot of new pilots and controllers.  In order to get everybody to a higher level, training department is starting with new group session for which you can start to subscribe on 1st of January.

    Click the subscribe button and share the knowledge of our trainers, the sessions will be organised in English, so a decent level is required.


    happy new year


    On behalf of the entire XB staff we wish to say thank you for the splendid year we had in 2017.  A lot of new members joined us, and the number of active ATC raised a lot in the last half of the year.

    As staff we have set our terms to continue the same way as we ended, and we will definitely come somewhere near you during 2018.  We wish you the very best and healthy new year, and hope to see you again in the virtual skies of IVAO! 


    tour system


    In 2018 we are taking our Tour System to the next level.  We're leaving the old MODA system for a new created one, which will be more user friendly not only for us as validators but especially for you as user!

    A full discription on how to use the new Tour System can be found here. Feel free to report all bugs to the developers.


    Division support 


    Our Division Support team is currently working at full speed to get your membership of the XB division to a higher level.

    This is what they are working on:
    Aderik: sceneries for all military airports
    Roan: Military tour banners and banners for tours 2018
    Maël: Military tours

    If you want to join the division support team, contact the XB-HQ


    Staff Vacancies


    We are still looking for people to help us in our daily tasks on division work.

    What we are looking for?
    Event Assistant Coordinator:
    If you like organising events/tours and you are very creative in making banners.
    Training Advisors (1NL/1FR)
    If you like teaching our members the best parts of our hobby


    upcoming events


    2018 will be a challenging year for the whole event department.  We will be at several public events and we have plans to organise 2 RFE's this year.  What is confirmed for now?

    20/01: Crowded Skies part XIV, we've been waiting for it a long time and now it's finally there!
               Controllers need to apply via the ATC-team

    18/02: Brussels RFE. More information for pilots to come in the February NOTAM
               ATC will be done on location.  Controllers need to apply via the ATC-team 

    24-25/03: PDE at Skywonder (Kortrijk)

    Keep an eye on the event calendar for more challenging events!



  • Best Wishes!

    Dear members, 

    The IVAO BeLux Region Division and its complete team would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018!

    We will see you online next year with some new exciting announcements concerning our tours, our website, our Events & Training Department and a lot of other stuff!

    2017 was already a good year for our division and we are sure 2018 will be even better.

    The BeLux Region staff members. 

  • Eddy leaves as EC. Bart from EAC to EC.

    We would like to announce the end of our collaboration with Eddy van der Weij as Events Coordinator.

    Eddy has been part of the staff for quite a long time now and we would like to thank him for the work he provided!

    Bart is now stepping up to Events Coordinator and we will open a vacancy for Events Assistant Coordinator very shortly.

  • Closing dates of our tours

    Dear members, we would like to announce the closing dates of the tours we currently have in our MODA system.

    The following tours will be closed on the 1st of December 2017:

    -Brussels Airlines Shorthaul 

    -Belgian Challenge 2016

    -Multi Engine 2016

    The following tours will be closed on the 31st of December 2017:




    -TUI Short-Regional-Long

    -TNT (ASL)

    -VFR Heli Tour

    -VFR to the north cap

    -VFR Tour 2017

    Please keep in mind that these tours will be totally removed from the MODA system after these dates so be sure to finish them before they disappear!

    Of course, we will be working hard to provide you with some new tours and destinations for 2018! 

    Thanks for your understanding.



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