IVAO BeLux Region

Demo Team


IVAO BeLux Region is pleased to announce the creation of the IVAO BeLux Region Demo Team. IVAO relies on flight simulation enthusiasts to keep our community vivid and healthy. For our community to be able to grow we need a steady stream of new members. But how can we promote IVAO to the outside world? For this IVAO BeLux Region has been participating in several real life meetings such as fly-ins and open house days with a demo stand. On each real life event where we participate we build up a demonstration stand where we provide Air Traffic Control (ATC) service at Brussels Airport (EBBR) on the network. For these demonstration stands to work we need at least three (3) people on site. At least one who is providing ATC and the others for providing information, explanations to the audience. During the day these people switch jobs. So far we have been very active in the eastern and centre part of our country (Limburg and Brussels) but we would like to expand to other parts of the country as well. For this to work we need people who are willing to represent IVAO and IVAO BeLux Region who are located in several parts of our country as we cannot expect people to travel from one side of the country to the other for each aviation related event. If you think you think you are able to represent our community then continue reading this document as we will give you the chance to be part of the IVAO BeLux Region Demo Team!



What do we expect from members who are willing to be part of our Demo Team? As we try to represent IVAO we need people who are able to be professional and have adequate knowledge of ATC, in order to provide professional ATC Service during the demo, and the concept and workings of IVAO. We need you to be able to explain how IVAO works and what the benefits of IVAO are in comparison with off-line flying. A newbie point of view is required here! Most of the people who are occupied with Flight Simulation are afraid to take the next step to online flying due to the difficulty of the ATC-Pilot Communication as added realism. It is therefore required that the Demo Team Members are able to explain potential new members as easy as possible how this all works and that we have a complete Training Team to help them taking those first steps. It is not required to attend every real life event on site but we expect you can at least attend 1 event in your region and be available to provide ATC from your home during other real life events which you are not able to attend on site.

To sum up the requirements in a list:

  • Be an assertive person;
  • Able to speak to a public
  • Hold at least an ADC Rating on IVAO (for ATC positions);
  • Be professional when providing ATC;
  • Be professional when talking to the audience
  • Able to attend at least 1 aviation related event per year.

Be advised that once you engage to attend an aviation related event you engage yourself to be present the whole event to promote IVAO. Small breaks are of course allowed but that is to be discussed during the organisation of such an event together with the other attending people.


What do you get in return

Our community is built on volunteers, therefore there is no financial compensation for any travel expenses you might have. The Public Relations Department does not refund these expenses. What you do get is a lot of appreciation from our Team and Staff.

For each time you attend such an event on site you receive the Division Meeting Award.

When you attend such an event on site you will receive two points for the ATC Events Award per event day if you provided ATC service during the event.
When you attend such an event from home you will receive two points for the ATC Events Award when you’ve been on-line as ATC for at least three hours per event day in total.

If our team feels you have been of great help for our division in promoting IVAO to the wide public you might be issued the Great Division User or even the Division Spirit Award!

Also, a small advantage might be that when we are invited to build a demo stand in aviation important companies (Belgocontrol for example) you will have the exclusive rights to be there with the Division and the Demo Team, this might of course have its benefits.


How to enlist

If you feel you are able to be part of our Demo Team send a mail to xb-hq @ ivao.aero (remove the spaces in the mailaddress when copying)

Your application will be reviewed within the BeLux Staff and we will respond as soon as we have an answer.