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Ostend-Bruges International Airport is ideally situated in the geographical heart of Europe.
Although an important proportion of the activities focuses on freight transport, our airport also warmly welcomes its passengers. Ostend-Bruges International Airport is the ideal airport for family and winter holidays. Almost every important holiday region on the Mediterranean coast and in the Canary Islands is included in the range of destinations.

Coordinates : 511156N 0025144E
Elevation : 13 FT
Website : http://www.ost.aero/

Runway Dimension (in meters) Heading Approach
08 3200 x 45 076° ILS IMI - 111.550 MHz
Not AVBL in default FS9/X scenery
26 3200 x 45 256° ILS IOS - 109.500 MHz


Primary Positions Code Frequency FRA
Tower EBOS_TWR 118.175 Mhz Mon-Fri 00:00z - 16:00z
Sat-Sun 00:00z - 14:00z
All other times
Approach EBOS_APP 120.600 Mhz Mon-Fri 00:00z - 16:00z
Sat-Sun 00:00z - 14:00z
All other times
Secondary Positions Code Frequency FRA
Ground EBOS_GND 121.975 MHz 24H
Secondary Positions can only be opened with permission from BE-AO(A)C!



In this section you can find several documents which can help you during your controller sessions such as Quickviews, Airport Procedures and vectoring guidelines.

Type Title File
Procedures EBOS - Ostend Airport Click here
Quickview Quickview EBOS Click here
Vectoring Guidelines EBOS rwy 08 Click here
Vectoring Guidelines EBOS rwy 26 Click here


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