Guest Controller Approval

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The BeLux Region Division is participating in the GCA (Guest Controller Approval) program which is in accordance with R & R 5.1.7.
Any user not being a member of the XB Division, who wants to control any ATC/AFIS/FIS position in the XB Division (all airfields in Belgium and Luxembourg), has to apply for a prior approval from the XB HQ.
For this approval the following XB requirements apply:


The Applicant should send a motivated mail to xb-hq @ After review of the application the BeLux Region Training Department will get in touch with the applicant for the rest of the procedure. Please provide your full name and VID when applying for a GCA.


After your GCA check out, your GCA Approval will last for one (1) year. If you would like to extend your GCA you should contact the ATC and Training department one (1) month prior the expiration for a new check out.


Members with a GCA in the BeLux Region Division should at least hold ADC (Aerodrome Controller) rating.
Members requesting a GCA in BeLux may be subject to a check out before approval to check if the applicant’s knowledge of the Aerodrome’s and Belgian/Luxembourgian procedures is sufficient.
Members with a GCA in BeLux can apply for one (1) GCA position. If you would like to apply for more positions, additional check outs per position may be conducted.
Members with an ADC rating can choose to apply for a GCA on either _DEL, _GND, _TWR or _APP.
Members with an APC rating or higher can additionally opt to apply for a GCA on EBBU_CTR.
BeLux Region Staff may decide to restrict the GCA for certain position per individual case.
Members holding a GCA for the BeLux Region are asked to divide their controlling time in their home division, other GCA’s and the Belgium GCA in order to give the BeLux Members their chance to do ATC and work their way through the ratings. If ATC Operations or Training Department feels that the member is controlling too many hours in BeLux and this restricts the Belgian Members to do ATC, ATC Operations or Training Department may ask to limit the hours spend on the BeLux GCA. Not following these recommendations may result in immediate GCA revoking.
GCA Members are expected to at least control five (5) hours per month on their Belgian GCA Approved Position. BeLux Region Staff may decide to neglect this rule per individual case if good reasons are provided (e.g. School Exam Period). If possible try to inform ATC Operations and Training Department before hand to prevent a revoke of the GCA.


English is the only language used for operational purposes within the Brussels FIR. You may help out other members in French or Dutch, but these can never be used during ATC Operations.


To apply for a BeLux Region GCA, the member cannot hold more than three (3) GCA’s of other Divisions. BeLux Region Staff may decide to make an exception on this rule per individual case. Being either more than 3 or less than 3 regarding the member’s performance and attitude in other divisions.


Members deciding to leave the BeLux Region Division to transfer to another division will not be eligible for a GCA in the first 12 months after the division change. BeLux Region Staff may decide to make an exception per individual case.


Staff members of foreign divisions are expected to behave exemplary as they would in their home division as they represent their home division and IVAO in general. If the BeLux Region Staff feels that the shown behaviour does not meet the requirements of being a Staff Member, the GCA will be revoked.


GCA will be revoked without prior notice in the following cases:
- Behavioural troubles;
- Member becomes an inactive IVAO user (inactive account);
- Member does no longer meet the skill criteria set up on approval;
- Member does not connect on the BeLux GCA Approved Position(s) for at least 5 hours per month without providing a good reason.
When such a revoke occurs, the member will be ineligible for a BeLux GCA for twelve (12) months following the revoke.


Applicants and GCA Members are expected to follow the IVAO Rules and Regulations at all times. Failing to will be seen as Behavioural troubles and result in revoke of the GCA.
Belgian Staff reserves the right to admission.
BeLux Region Staff may decide to make an exception on any rule per individual case. Update: 15th July 2016


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