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Next call for ATC:

DateSunday, 26 February, 2017 - 11:00 - 20:00 z
DetailsBrussels Real Flight Event
Event NameBrussels RFE
Required PositionsEBBR & ACC
More info

For this yearly big event we need some ATCo's! Like every year, we'll come all together in the same room to set up our own CANAC and, of course,to provide an ATC service like it should.
We hope for enough applications since the goal is to open up ALL 12 positions at the same time to make sure pilots will get their 'as real as it gets' experience.
Planning will be made after 13/2 when all applications are received and it will be distributed a few days later.
- The location were we will set up our CANAC is located near Brussels Airport (details will follow later)
- ALL ATC services should be provided on location which means we want to avoid a mix of home controllers and on-location controllers to improve coordination.
- Apply via mail ONLY by 13/2 the latest! (see below) No free bookings will be accepted.
- You should be a active member of the XB division or hold a valid GCA for EBBR
- Before applying please make sure you're available that day and you are willing and able to come to our location (If you can't come, for any reason, towards our location with own transport, we find someone you can carpool with)
- If you're available but not for the whole event, mention it in the mail...it's perfectly possible to join later or leave earlier.
If you match the requirements above please mail to XB-AOC@ivao.aero with following information:
* Name
* Prefered position
* Time frame available if it's limited (If you don't mention, I asume you gonna be there the whole day)
* Hardware you can bring with you (laptop/screen/desktop)...
* City you're coming from (carpooling reasons) and 'No transport available' if that's the case.

ATC requests

Dear ATCo (Air Traffic Controller),


Via this webpage we will inform you about ATC requests and any demand for online Air Traffic Control.
Here we will publish or link to event pages, publish ATC requests from VA's and other IVAO divisions,...
Anyone can make an ATC request (see at the bottom). The requests are always analysed and depending on the expected traffic and workload the BE-ATC-OPS* will organise the ATC positions.


So, we have two ways:

  • exceptional:
    ... BE-ATC-OPS* will decide which candidate will provide ATC on which position. This will be indicated on the ATC request. This will most likely be the case when a difficult and high workload is expected or in case of special events. (This will be the exception).
    In this way you shouldn't schedule a position on the IVAO ATC schedule. You have to contact the BE-ATC-OPS(Select "ATC operations" from the menu "category") with your candidature (let us know from which hour to which hour and what ATC position you prefer. Always provide us with your IVAO VID).
  • most common:
    ... and most of the time/events you can schedule an ATC position like you prefer (respecting the IVAO R&R and FRA's). You should choose the ATC position of your preference and schedule it on the IVAO ATC schedule.

Now, where can I find the ATC-requests?

  • Upcoming and explicit ATC-requests are posted on the bottom of this page under "Next call for ATC".
  • There are also general flight/divison events. At those events ATC is off course also wanted.
    Check the list of published events on the event page.

ATC Awards

  • For every time you participate on a date and time of an ATC request you receive 1 point. (that does not include the general division events).
    You can check your status here.

Mailing list

  • If you want to receive an e-mail with every new ATC Request you can let us know by contacting BE-AOC and BE-AOAC (Select "ATC operations" from the menu "category"). You will then receive an e-mail with every call for ATC.
    Do note that this page however is the reference and most up to date.

Important remarks

  • Be sure you are fully capable of performing the necessary ATC tasks on the position you schedule.

  • IVAO ATC Schedule entries should only be made in compliance with the active Facility Rating Assignments (FRAs).
    (see active FRAs IVAO-BE or IVAO-HQ)

  • IVAO ATC Schedule entries should only be made when you have the assurance that you will be available at that date and time. If due to circumstances you cannot meet your schedule entry, you must remove your entry ASAP. If this occures in a short timespan before the start of the original entry, inform BE-AOC and BE-AOAC (Select "ATC operations" from the menu "category").

  • Participating members must comply with IVAO Rules and Regulations and in particular with Chapter 5 - Controllers Rules and Regulations. Members failing to do so could be requested to leave their position by BE-ATC-OPS* or a Supervisor.

  • Every ATC Schedule entry will be reviewed by BE-ATC-OPS*. To garantuee the quality of the ATC services in respect to the concerned event or activities, BE-ATC-OPS will re-arrange the ATC Schedule were deemed neccessary. For this it may be requested to change your schedule entry accordingly. Our  goal is to provide the best ATC service to our pilots.

  • Unless otherwise coördinated between active ATC units or by BE-ATC-OPS*, standard procedures (as published by our division) have to be applied.

  • Priority may be given to ATC-training and -exams where found appropriate by BE-TS** and/or BE-ATC-OPS. If so, this will be indicated on this page.

  • For last minute changes or (urgent) additional requests on last notice, have a look at the forum or on the IVAO-BE Facebook page.

** BE-TS consists of BE-TC, BE-TAC, BE-TA1, BE-TA2, BE-TA3, BE-TA4.

The organisers of an event/group flight/other

  • Contact BE-AOC and BE-AOAC (Select "ATC operations" from the menu "category") to add your activity in the list below. 
    Provide us -in time- with as much information as possible, in order that we can organise the available ATC as efficiënt as possible.


To stay up to date with the ATC-requests please have a  regular look below and in the event section page.