ATC Requests

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You can find here all ATC requests for future events, trainings and exams.


How does it work?

Depending on the kind of event, there are two possible situations for each available position:

  • AVAILABLE - BOOK NOW : this position can be immediately booked, using the IVAO scheduler (by clicking on the button). Booking is immediate and guarantees you that nobody else will take that position.
  • AVAILABLE - APPLY NOW : this position is restricted and you may apply for it. You are redirected to a form where you can set your application. In that case, the ATC ops department will decide, depending on the applications and requirements, what will be the exact schedule. So your application is pending until you receive a confirmation from ATC ops.
Start date & time End time ATC Position Reason Status Booked by Remarks
21/07/2018 - 13:00 15:00 EBBR_APP Belgian National day SO Event Available - book now!


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